Syntace Force 109 135mm 6°

Super light weight in 31.8 mm. The legendary Syntace F99 stem now in 31.8 mm handlebar clamping diameter - the F109. For road and MTB use. If 31.8 is being used for the handlebar clamping diameter then the rest of the stem should be made equally as stiff and strong. A thicker stem tube is used and this oversize diameter is kept throughout the stem to the clamp area. Unmatched combination of new, high-strength and forgeable aluminium alloy and real 3D forging. The result: The lightest stem in 31,8, which is still totally bombproof and as stiff as other stems that weight 160 g. Also suitable for aero bars. Light weight Titanium bolts - standard.
This light weight stem is factory equipped with high quality Syntace titanium bolts to save even the last gram. Special 200° head makes the best “bed” for your handlebar, by reducing bar flex. You’ll get increased handlebar strength and fatigue life, at minimal weight. VR-3 “The Red Monster” tested by the world’s toughest test standard for handlebars and stems. Period.
Spec: Force 109 stem, titan bolts, Litecap (w/o screw)
14 145-160cm
16 160-170cm